Admining is a blog powered by the pure determination to provide useful webmaster, forum administration, and SEO tips. We were founded on December 2nd, 2011 and so far we are doing pretty good. At first, Admining was supposed to be only about community management, but we now cover a variety of topics in the webmaster niche. We are not here to tell you what to do, but to just give advice that may help you manage your community.

Though Admining started out as a one man blog by Joshua, to provide good content for new webmasters, Admining was opened up to support multiple authors in February of 2012.   If you have a passion for Forums and would like to contribute to this site (and get yourself more exposure), contact us below.

- Our Team -

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Sean is a dude looking to share his opinions online through various platforms. He loves drinking coffee and communicating with other bloggers about various subjects. The things he likes talking about the most is the latest news, blogging related topics, and forum management.  He finds joy in helping people, and will even go out of his way to answer a question you might have. His favorite thing to do when not writing is to communicate with his close friends and play a few games.


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